Cinema of the Dam’d is a non-profit foundation that curates and presents unconventional film programs in Amsterdam. Since 2014, we have been hosting underground and alternative cinema events at non-commercial venues, including Vondelbunker, Buurtboerderij, Filmhuis Cavia, Joe’s Garage and LAB111. This past summer, we joined the collective at the OT301 cultural centre, located in the former Dutch film academy and renovated its historic screening room.

We show “damned” films: underrated, obscure, overlooked or just plain odd movies that have fallen through the cracks, been forgotten or cursed by the money-driven film industry. We are particularly interested in films that have never been released in the Netherlands. “Damned” also refers to the subject matter of the movies we tend to like best: stories about misfits, weirdos and outsiders. We also want to reimagine the cinema as a gathering place that is accessible and comfortable for everyone. For this reason, we keep our ticket prices low, offer regular free screenings, and have furnished the cinema with sofas and beanbags, a cozy complement to the traditional seating.

We highlight features, videos and shorts that are rarely-screened in Amsterdam, including documentaries, cult cinema, American indies, and world cinema. We want to support the evolution of the medium by exhibiting little-known films by new filmmakers and revive older films that can bring fresh insight to contemporary culture. We believe that films, like any works of art, are not static. Though they are rooted in history, they can also come alive in new ways and take on new meanings. As such, our programs are eclectic and playful, organized by thematic links, rather than by genre, period or national origin. We also work with guest programmers to expand the reach of our cultural program and the breadth and diversity of our audience.

Our Volunteers:

  • Matt Cornell
  • Jacopo Fiorancio
  • Jennifer Bronson
  • Nadia de Vries
  • Elinor Gittins
  • Gabrielė Plukaitė
  • Tashina Blom
  • Lisa Boselli
  • Pietro Marchiesi
  • Hannah Fraza
  • Phillip Morris

Visit the OT301 website for more events.